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welcome to eureuleong! c:
this writing community is maintained by jiayeee and livingontofu.
the stories here would mostly be smtown-centric (esp. exo) due to extreme biasness towards them.

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o n e s h o t s
a little
g | sestal (sehun and krystal) | ~760 words
Sehun likes watching Soojung do her work.

g | kaistal (jongin and krystal) | ~730 words
Jongin and Krystal meet for the first time.

baby blues
pg-13 | tao and chen | ~550 words
Jongdae risks his life babysitting with Zitao.

disappearing act
pg-13 | baekstal (baekhyun and krystal) | ~2200 words
Krystal wonders whether it would matter to the people she loved if she just disappeared one day. What better way than to really disappear into thin air on whim and stage a little disappearing act?

now you don't
pg-13 | kyungstal (kyungsoo and krystal) | ~1100 words
Kyungsoo is a huge fan of Krystal.

to neverland
pg-13 | sebaek (baekhyun and sehun) | ~3200 words
Baekhyun likes Peter Pan and thinks it's a grasshopper that stars in Pinocchio. Sehun tries to convince him it's a cricket.
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