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now you don't

Title: now you don't
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: Kyungsoo & Krystal
Length: ~1100 words
Summary: Kyungsoo is a huge fan of Krystal.
[Warning - click to view]
Warning: stalking, horror, character death

He’s sitting some distance from the back door of a convention hall where a fashion show has just ended. The incredibly bulky telephoto lens sits in Kyungsoo’s lap as he scrolls through the photos on his DSLR. Every single photo he has captured seems perfect to him – or maybe the focus of the photos make him think so.

He hears some noise and immediately gets his camera ready and poised. Out of the door walks out Krystal Jung the celebrity model, long brown hair cascading past her shoulders, mini dress flaunting her mile long pins that every man would deem perfect. Her black as ebony Christian Louboutins clicks against the pavement sharply; in time to the clicks on Kyungsoo’s camera. More photos of her to add on to his collection. He catches a picture of the wind blowing her hair off her shoulders; much like a fashion photo shoot, a picture of her turning slightly; her gorgeous side profile in all its glory, a picture of her as she seemingly glances in his direction before stepping into an SUV. At one click of a button, time freezes momentarily and captures something that will never be repeated.

Kyungsoo notices and bolts immediately.

“Did you see that?” Krystal asks the personnel later in the car, but is met with shakes of the head only.

It’s evening time and Krystal is attending a lounge’s opening of one of her sponsors (she’s forced to, what she really wants is to go home and sleep). She cannot refuse any of the drinks Heechul is pushing towards her because damn, if she did, Heechul’s a big shot in the fashion industry and her career would make a nosedive if she offended him.

After what seems like a dozen glasses of red wine and brandy but could be more, Krystal feels the alcohol in her veins lulling her to close her eyes and just collapse onto the ground. She barely manages to slur her goodbyes to Heechul (who’s equally buzzed) and stumbles out of the lounge and into a cab. She hands the cabby too much money and tells him to keep the change, it’s okay and trips her way out of the vehicle. He helps her to the entrance of her apartment’s building kindly before leaving. She lays against the door, too drunk to get up and let herself in.

A lanky figure steps from a corner of the building and gently helps her up. But instead of helping her to her apartment, he places her into the passenger seat of his car and drives off.

Krystal awakes groggy and feeling like a truck had hit her twice, or maybe even thrice. She tries to get up but her aching head makes her fall back into a bed. That’s when she panics – she doesn’t remember making it home. She squints and vaguely makes out a sparsely furnished room from her blurry vision.

“I wouldn’t try to move if I were you.”

She shrieks and a hand is immediately clamped over her mouth.


Adrenaline pumps through her veins, replacing the alcohol. Her eyes travel down from the dark auburn hair covering his brows to the equally dark orbs that are staring at her and she’s left paralyzed from the gaze. Her vision is now very clear and she takes in her surroundings and the fact that a very attractive boy is holding her down with his right hand over her mouth and his left trapping her down.

“You’re so beautiful,” Kyungsoo murmurs.

Krystal’s pupils dilate and her pulse quickens; she finally noticed that there are photos, photos of her everywhere in the room. Kyungsoo releases her from his hold and Krystal backs away from him instantly.

“What do you want from me?”

Her lips quiver as she speaks.

“Everything,” comes Kyungsoo’s whisper.

Krystal doesn’t even have time to react when Kyungsoo’s lens is focused on her and he’s snapping photos again. She shies away from the camera and makes a run for the door but Kyungsoo is faster than her, standing right before her, camera almost up in her face.

“Stop, stop! Why are you taking photos of me? Let me go!” she cries.

Beads of sweat are forming on Kyungsoo’s forehead and he’s getting increasingly irritated that she’s pushing his camera away time and time again. Getting a tight hold of her by the arm, he hits her on the head with the nearest thing he can grab hold of – a shoehorn. Krystal drops to the ground and watches the ceiling seemingly crack into a million pieces before blacking out. Kyungsoo notices that in the flurry of events, the DSLR captured everything. He hums at the thought of more photos.

Krystal awakes again, tied to a chair and mouth gagged with a cloth. Her breathing hitch as she looks at high quality photos of her hung all about the room and Kyungsoo knows she’s awake. Tears make their way down her cheeks as she sobs into the gag.

“Don’t cry,” Kyungsoo whispers and caresses her face so gently, Krystal thinks she feels sick.

He loosens her gag and Krystal lets out a mangled whimper, “Please… Let me go, I’ll pretend this never happened.”

“No, you’re lying. If I let you go, you’ll go to the police and I’ll never be able to see you again. I can’t let that happen,” Kyungsoo softly speaks and smiles bitterly.

Krystal lets out more anguished sobs and he turns away from her and out of his room. She notices the camera he left in the room and felt an extreme urge to destroy it. After what seems like hours but really are just a little over twenty minutes, she shifts herself close enough to the table. Bending down, her hair sweeps over the tabletop as she sends the camera skidding to the edge of the table. Beads of perspiration form on her forehead as she shifted her weight to tilt the chair sideways more, to reach that horrible camera and destroy it. But just as she barely nicked the top of it with her chin, the chair gives way. The camera falls to the ground, shards of the lens scattered but she soon follows, pieces of the broken device embedded into the back of her head.

It hurts, so bad, she thinks, but there’s no more feelings after that sharp pain.

A bloodied floor and lifeless eyes are the only things that greet Kyungsoo when he returns; photos of what used to be the most beautiful thing in this world decorating their surroundings as he cradles the girl in his arms.

“Don’t go,” he mumbles, but she doesn’t hear it.

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