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Title: Acquainting
Rating: g
Starring: Jongin and Krystal (side Yesung and Jessica)
Length: ~730 words
Summary: [somehow romeo&juliet!au] Krystal and Jongin meet for the first time.

a/n: idk what I was trying to write tbh.

Krystal stares at the clock. An hour more to the party and she cannot wait. Fidgeting as Jessica helps her brush her hair, she can barely contain her excitement.

“Girl you’ve got to chill,” Jessica chides. “Parties aren’t even interesting. They get boring and all those old business associates of dad you have to greet – ugh.”

“You’ve been to every party and formal function, I haven’t been to a single one,” Krystal reasons.

Jessica laughs. “You’ll soon see that they’re the worst things ever and would never want to step foot into one again.”

The younger merely sticks her tongue out at her older sister.

“Can you not,” Jongin seethes at his older cousin and pulls him away from a masked and very finely dressed lady.

Jongwoon chuckles. “Come on, live it up a little. We didn’t sneak into the Jung’s masquerade for the food.”

Jongin rolls his eyes. Sure, he had been hyped up about sneaking in and probably crashing a party but his cousin’s incessant flirting got on his nerves; he came here looking for thrills and there just wasn’t any action he could speak of (and boast about to his brother Jongdae later).

“Hey Jongin, keep a watch out for the Jung lady later. Mask or not, it’s pretty damn difficult not to notice her,” Jongwoon says with a wink.

Jongin rolls his eyes again. “Have you got the hots for her? She’s the heiress of our granddad's rival company, remember?”

Jongwoon is the one who rolls his eyes this time. He mutters something along the lines of so what and deeming her a total eye candy isn’t illegal and he’s gone, off to flirt with more ladies at the ball. Jongin is left stuck in his own little corner of the elaborate ballroom, thinking that he would be better off staying at home playing Star Craft.

Krystal huffs as she glances around the grand room, then stare at her shoes. Jessica had long left her to her own devices when asked to dance a while ago. She wrinkles her nose at the people at the masquerade, slightly irritated. Picking up a drink from the buffet table, she glances around in disdain. Then, she spots someone standing at the far end of the room, looking down at his shoes just as she did. He removes his mask for a moment and Krystal is instantly drawn in by the sharp contours of his face. The boy seemingly feels a watchful gaze upon him and looks up just in time to catch a fleeting glance from Krystal.

Jongwoon thinks achievement unlocked as he holds the beautiful Jessica Jung by the hand and waist, leading her across the ballroom floor. He could tell it was she despite the mask adorned; her dyed blonde hair worn in tresses and glamorous choice of dress gave her away. He had been to enough parties to recognize the girl.

Jessica feels the grip on her hand tighten a little and laughs, “You’re holding my hand a little too tight, Kim Jongwoon.”

Jongwoon is taken aback. How did she know?

“I know you’ve been sneaking into almost every Jung party for quite some time,” she continues and leans in a little closer.

“How very smart and observant of you. I like you already, Jessica Jung,” Jongwoon replies, pulling her closer.

Right at that moment, he looks up and sees a man take off his mask at the other end of the hall.

Holy crap.

He distances himself and Jessica, leads her out of the way of most other dancing couples and mutters his apology before disappearing into the crowd.

“What—?” Jessica can hardly manage as she watches him blend in with the other guests.


Jongwoon pulls his cousin away just as Jongin is approaching the younger Jung. Krystal looks surprised but mouths the word Jongin silently.

“What?” Jongin asks, glaring at his cousin.

“I saw your dad. We’ve got to get out of here, now,” Jongwoon replies.


“What is it?”

“Your name, please,” Jongin asks in a softer tone.

“The heck Jongin, why are you asking for my—“

Jongwoon doesn’t finish his sentence and hears instead a meek voice whisper, “Krystal.”

Jongwoon catches the look on Jongin’s face and knows, oh god, the lad’s smitten.

“I’ll see you around, Krystal,” Jongin states with a smile.

“Okay, Jongin,” Krystal replies with a grin.
Tags: c: jongin, c: krystal, g: exo, g: f(x), p: kaistal
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