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A Little

Title: A Little
Rating: g
Pairing: Sehun & Krystal
Length: ~760 words
Summary: Sehun likes watching Soojung do her work. He'd silently smile to himself, and Soojung would look at him warily, wondering if he needed help, mental-wise, lots of help.

a/n: this was written for pleaseuu because she dedicated a fluffy sestal to me too.

Sehun was about to call out her name when he spotted her studying alone at the student’s study area. Noticing that she was engrossed in solving trigonometry problem sums, tapping away at the buttons of her scientific calculator, he silently slid into the seat opposite of hers and watched her do her work. He felt relaxed as he rested his head on his hand, studying her features as she penned down her answers to the questions.

Her handwriting was neat and the speed at which she solved the problem sums always wowed Sehun. It wasn’t that Sehun was no good at math; he wasn’t failing it and was doing pretty well. Nevertheless, he loved watching his best friend work out solutions at a pace twice, maybe even thrice, of his and writing down everything neatly, line by line. Occasionally, though, just to get his friend riled up, he’d press a thumb down on a newly written line, smudging the numbers. Soojung would then slap his hand (sometimes his head as well) and carefully blot out the smudge with correction liquid, blow on the wet spot lightly, then rewrite her equations again. Sometimes she would get frustrated enough and write everything on a fresh piece of paper, warning Sehun to not come near her work with his stupid finger. She never knew that Sehun thought her extremely beautiful as she worked quietly, thought her too perfect with her neatly written solutions and thought he’d do her (maybe more of himself) some service to make her work a little less than perfect so that he wouldn’t feel that she was too out of reach.

It was almost quiet around the area, with most of the students in the student cafeteria for their break, save for a few hardworking ones like Ms. Jung, doing their work quietly. Soojung never looked up in the almost ten minutes her best friend was watching her and was reading the next question whilst reaching out for her bottle. Sehun noticed and moved the blue tumbler out of her reach, watching with a bemused expression as her fingertips met the table’s surface instead of her water bottle. She then looked up, finally noticing that Sehun was seated in front of her, his left hand on her tumbler and that he had an impish grin that she’d love very much to slap off of his face right then.

With a beckoning finger and a raised brow, she couldn’t get more eloquent with the three sharp syllables: “Bottle. Now.”

Instead of complying, he placed the canister further out of her reach, challenging her with a smirk. Soojung glared at him, giving him a few more seconds to hand it over before –


Sehun was left clutching the side of his head and groaning after being dealt a hard blow to his temple, while Soojung took a sip of water before setting the bottle aside to continue with her work.

Sehun unconsciously smiled as he watch her resume work.

“You’re smiling to yourself. You didn’t become more stupid, did you?” Soojung asked, raising an eyebrow at him.


“You’ve really become stupid after the hit, oh dear,” Soojung gasped, feigning alarm.

Sehun scowled, but couldn't help but chuckle at the sarcasm in her voice. Soojung stared at him warily for a bit before she continued key numbers into her calculator. She'd occasionally glance at the smiling fool before her and wonder if her best friend was really a bird brain that needed help, lots of help. But Sehun knew better.

Sehun knew that Soojung was a tough nut to crack. Sehun knew that Soojung probably was too dense in everything unrelated to her academics. Sehun knew that Soojung probably didn't know him as well as he knew her but that didn't matter.

He just knew that he liked her a little more than a best friend and though he wished that that could be a little more than what they were then, he knew he might ruin their friendship with just a little mistake.

"Hey Soojung." Sehun smiled widely at the girl before him.

"What?" Soojung asked, almost snarkily.

"Maybe if you're a little less boring, I would like you more," he laughed.

"Hey Sehun." Soojung mimicked, putting down her pen.


"Maybe if you were a little less annoying, I would like you better."

Sehun laughed at her comeback, eyes crinkling into little upturned crescents; but he didn't miss the slight smile that graced Soojung's face as well.

Maybe, just maybe, Soojung could like him a little like the way he likes her.

Tags: c: krystal, c: sehun, g: exo, g: f(x), p: sestal
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